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The Car Barn

The Johnson Family Horsepower Ranch is home to some of the cars near and dear to the heart of the family. This eclectic boutique of classic cars has received a stamp of approval from the world-renown City Classic Cars. The ranch collection falls into 6 broad categories: The lap of luxury showcases the 4 door sedans Matilda and Sabra grew to love as children. These cars remind them of family present and past. The American Trucks are an ode to the vehicles that built this great country of ours. The Corvette Collection is a commitment to the restoration of America's most iconic sports car. As Sabra says "a vette is just so darn sexy, stylish and super fast for a fraction of the world's other supercars." Muscle and more is just that, a focus on 66-72 muscle era cars as well as a mix of other cars that are fun and cute... Be sure to check out our convertible and Pony Collection.  The ranch collection is owned by the family with some offerings for sale to the public through City Classic Cars at its business location. 

 * Call the business office of City Classic Cars for details at 832-717-0774

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