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Cowboy Up to Life's Challenges

Why Life Coaching? Life has not always been "gold belt buckles" for the Johnson Family. This is a family acquainted with life's myriad of challenges, disappointments, and unforeseen obstacles. Faith in the Good Lord and Fortitude to get back up again has allowed this family to ride the horse of purpose and success. The Johnson Family is committed to helping others move forward in life.


The Johnson Family, led by Sabra and Matilda, offers corporate "Come-Back" coaching, Crisis Intervention, Corporate Sensitivity Consulting and Success Talks that are designed to motivate under-performing teams. With true southern passion, the Johnson Family embraces the theme of "Cowboy-Up" and empowers others to achieve personal greatness and new milestones in-spite of life's bumps in the road.

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Connect to the Heart of Horse

We esteem the Horse as offering significant contributions to the human heart and spirit. Henceforth, we often use horses, horse talk, and horse illustrations to inspire the client to greater heights. 

Learn more about the power of working with horses, also called Equine Facilitated Learning.

"If you fall off the horse of life, dust yourself off and get back on again”- Sabra Johnson. The Johnson Family is committed to helping others overcome trauma, crisis and “oops” moments in life and business through a specialized coaching and consulting approach that is rooted in moving the individual or team to new levels of success!

Our Reach

Our services are geared to effectively serve elite families, leading citizens and global entrepreneurial brands.

  • Athletes and Entertainers: “Intervention” Driven One on One Coaching for promising and professional athletes and entertainers in personal life Crisis and/or high-risk activities. Sabra works with the men and Matilda the women to help each overcome the cycle of self-destructive behavior. The Johnson Family offers personal mentorship and motivational techniques as well as life tools necessary to the athlete with end results of improved personal behavior and emotional well being so success can be achieved.

  • Corporate Crisis and Sensitivity Development: A Corporation is an entity and as such the corporation often faces the same crisis individuals face in our personal lives. The Johnson Family have been entrepreneurial for over 30 years so they directly identify with the importance of specialized assistance to help overcome unexpected trauma associated with cultural gaps and unexpected crisis. We are well equipped to help companies Responding to Systematic Social Crisis and Addressing Cultural & Diversity Sensitivity Development

  • Individuals and Couples: Individuals Facing Major Life Crisis consisting of Unexpected Physical, Financial, Transitioning Realities and even emotional response to Legal Crisis. The Johnson Family is here to be a present help in time of unexpected and difficult trouble.

  • Hard to Reach and Disinterested Youth: Sabra calls it Nanny Service on steroids.  

Coaching & Consulting  

The Johnson Family assists countless individuals and families through "cowboy-up" training. This includes coaching, consulting, and learning approaches that promote the development of life skills, sometimes through equine-assisted activities.


Although professional services are billed at the rate of $100 an hour, The family also provides pro-bono work on a case by case for youth in the greater Houston area through agency referral.  We are a fully insured Coaching, Consulting and Conference Group.

Please note that the actual ranch is s privately owned family residence not a treatment center. There are no walk-ins. To make an appointment or schedule a service, you must use the online contact form and then be redirected to our Houston office

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